Relief of Menieres Disease and Blocked Ears

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Find out about our worldwide patented products, based on the low-pressure pulse therapy:

P100- For Meniere´s Disease
for relief of Meniere´s disease symptoms.

In close cooperation with Prof. Burkhard Franz, ENT-surgeon and renowned specialist for inner-ear-diseases,
the P100-For Meniere´s Disease was developed to give people suffering from Meniere´s disease relief of their symptoms.

Its slim design allows the user to carry the P100-For Meniere´s Disease in a pocket or bag and apply treatment whenever the need arises.


N300-For Blocked Ears
gives you relief to the discomfort of blocked ears, often associated with flying and diving.

Studies show that approximately 30% of all flight passengers suffer from ear discomfort, mostly from blocked ears.

There is no reason to avoid flying!
We have an effective device available for you, the N300!

Its slim design allows you to carry it in your pocket just like a mobile phone.
Now there´s relief available no matter where you are while travelling.


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