The N300: How it works!

A new and sensitive method in the treatment of pressure equalizing problems is the creation of negative pressure in the outer ear canal.

Negative pressure pulses can be created with the N300.

Using a slight negative pressure treatment, the N300 helps to equalize pressure in tne middle ear by relaxing the eardrum and the Eustachian tube thus facilitating the restoration of air supply.
As a result of this, the act of swallowing, which usually facilitates the ventilation of the middle ear, will be more effective.

The Anatomy of the Ear

The tympanic membrane transmits vibrations of air to the middle ear.
This flexible membrane is sensitive to external pressure changes.
While decrease in ambient pressure is usually well tolerated, an increase in ambient pressure can cause discomfort and sometimes excruciating pain.

Painful deformation of the tympanic membrane...

... caused by increased ambient pressure and locked Eustachian tube.

After use of the N300: Tympanic Membrane restored to its original shape...

...and unlocked Eustachian tube.

By exercising a slight negative pressure on the tympanic membrane, the N300 restores its original shape by immediately overcoming the effect of increased ambient pressure, suppressing pain and associated hearing loss.