N300 Application

 The N300 is easy to use and suitable for adults and children (adults should assist children during usage)!

  • The N300 should be used approx. 2-3 times until middle ear pressure is equalized.
  • The N300 can be re-used again and again, whenever pressure problems appear.
  • The N300 is not a throw-away product and can be used without limitation.
  • The N300 can be used in both ears, one after another in quick seccession.
  • Compared with other treatments the N300 has no undesirable side effects.

Air travelers should test which ear tip will have a perfect snug into the ear canal before take-off.
This will save time and ensures a quick application when necessary.

Step 1

Simply pull off the protective cap...


Step 2

... and uncoil the tube.

Step 3

While sitting comfortably, place the ear tip in your ear canal and hold it in place to maintain a snug fit and the feeling of a seal.


Step 4

Once the ear tip is in place, press the center diaphragm of the device with your thumb, and release.

At this point you should feel a slight suction inside your ear.

Immediately after feeling the suction, swallow to allow equalization of middle ear pressure.

You may wish to have a glass of water nearby to assist with swallowing.

After repeating this process and acquiring the desired relief, coil the tube arround the device and replace the protective cap.

Maintenance & Accessories

Ensure the protective cap is on the device at all times when not in use.

The N300 contains Ear Tips in different size (small, medium and large).
The Ear Tips can be cleaned with a mild detergent.

Safe application

The N300 has been designed to use a special valve which limits the suction force.

Therefore the device has a safety limit.
No matter how hard you pump the device, the N300 will not produce excessive pressures.
In making our products, we stress constant quality control and all devices are double-checked before being released for sale.