N300 - For Blocked Ears

Altitude compensation problems are a widespread disease

Studies show that approximately 30% of all flight passengers suffer from ear discomfort, mostly from blocked ears.
Wether you are on a business-trip to an important meeting or on a vacation or holiday trip, air travel can become a torture when ear-, jaw- or headaches begin which can be temporary or may even last for days.

There is no reason to avoid these kind of activities, or be frightened of them.
We have an effective device available for you, the N300!

  • Do you have problems with your ears when they try to compensate for altitude changes while descending in an airplane or after diving?
  • Do you suffer from blocked ears during a trip in the mountains, during skiing-holidays or even in an elevator?
  • Do you suffer from an inner ear tube function disorder after getting a cold, which muffles every sound and contrubutes to that stuffy feeling?
  • Does your child suffer from middle ear fluid (serous otitis media) and conventional treatments, e.g. antibiotics do not help?
  • Do you suffer from ringing in the ears, possibly Tinnitus, which is due to middle ear ventilation disorders?

Relief is at hand with the N300!

Its slim design allows you to carry it in your pocket just like a mobile phone!

Now there´s relief available no matter where you are while travelling.