About Us

Product Development

In close cooperation with Prof. Burkhard Franz, ENT-surgeon and renowned specialist for inner-ear-diseases,
Enttex developed the products N300 and P100 using Pressure-Pulse-Therapy.

User Friendliness

Early in the development of our devices, our aim was to offer a quality, easy-to-use product.

Due to the convenient size and light weight, our products are ready to use anywhere, anytime.

The protective cap ensures constantly clean equipment and a hygienic application.

Despite the very high quality standards, our products are affordable for everyone.

Quality Standards

Our devices are produced by a leading certified and multi-faceted German manufacturing company.
This company also deals with major manufacturers in the automobile industry and is active in the aeronautic and
aerospace fields.

Constant quality control, the use of German high quality components and the exclusive production
in Germany in accordance with ISO 9001:2000 standards, ensure the best in quality, reliability and safety.

The Enttex logo is a trademark, officially copyrighted and the property of Enttex GmbH Germany.